The World from within

Four Conversations
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A load of humbug?

(How) Does the spirit work in agriculture?

Coronavirus and the children

How can we help children and adolescents in the pandemic?

Civic rights in a time of crisis?

About this series

Anthroposophists are interesting people. They always come up with new and unexpected perspectives. They are mindful of the earth, of life, human beings, money. They have given us ethical banking, biodynamic farming, Waldorf Schools, Curative Education, Anthroposophic Medicine and much more.


Now, in the pandemic, they often appear as unrealistic dreamers. Or that is how they are being portrayed. Could it be that they simply offer new and different insights that require time and interest to be understood – two qualities that are painfully absent from the polarizing public debates?


We want to invest this time and interest and speak with anthroposophists about the burning questions of our time. We will ask them to help us understand and integrate this different, extended view of reality and examine how productive it is.